Full Membership

Full Membership

This membership is offered to teachers that have trained in Special Needs Education at diploma, degree, Masters and PhD levels. Such teachers pay a membership fee and an annual subscription both of which are  determined and reviewed by the General Assembly



To register please click Signup and fill the form or email your details to membership@asnetu.org The cost of becoming a Full member of ASNETU is 20,000UGX per year. 

Please pay your subscription fee at the nearest bank on this account Stanbic Bank (U) 9030014046304 (Association of Special Needs Education Teachers Uganda)

Thank you for your support.

Member benefits

  • Accessing and using the National Resource centre on Special Needs Education & disability
  • Receive publications/ journals that ASNETU will subscribe to
  • Attending CPDs organised by the Association
  • Keep updated on Special Needs Education & disability information from the local and international perspectives.
  • Become a member of SNE teachers SACCO (Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisation)